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Artifact Interactive was established in February 2000 and is based in Adelaide, Australia.

Artifact interactive initially produced web sites, online brochures, cd-roms and interactive web sites. From around 2003 to 2008 Artifact Interactive focused principally on interactive flash development for the web. Specializing in producing interactive tools such as garden planner and realistic sport themed games such as Supreme Golf.

Artifact Interactive now focuses primarly on application and software development.

Artifact Interactive is principally flash developer David Doull. Who has also co-authored a number of books on flash development.


Artifact Interactive's clients have included:

ANZ Bank:
flash e-brochures

BBC Sport:
Game customisation

Carlsberg (Malaysia) / Igolfallday.com
game license and customisation

Department for Information Services:
flash e-brochure cd-rom

Diabetes counselling:
diabetes counselling web site

Fed-Ex/ I-media:
game licence and customisation

Friends of ed:
book chapters/ co-authoring

Fairway Marketing / Friends4Net:
game license and customisation

game licenses and customisation

Italian Open / Yoda IT:
game license and customisation

Md Visual:
game licenses and customisation

Nokia (asia pacific) / Ogilvy:
game license and customisation

Nokia (Denmark) / MediaGroup:
game license and customisation

Toyota (korea):
game licence

TMP Worldwide learning:
flash e-brochure /sales promo (prototype)

Office for Information Economy:
'SA Connect' user interface design
'Web site in one day' web site (pro-bono)

Online Exchange:
game licenses and customisation

game licenses and customisation

South Australian Government:
'IE2002' web site
'Talking Point' web site

Southbank Tafe / in2corp:
custom flash game development

Stratton Travel:
game license

Unicom Marketing Group:
game licenses

Werbeagentur Leuenberger:
game license and customisation




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